What we do?

It is our pride and prerogative to say yes to Organic!

Though we humans boast of progress, the world we live in now is just an adulterated vista. The things we consume merely forces us to be eternally ill and weak. Let it be vegetables or fruits or other eatables, the amount of pollution getting into our body is too high, and it is the catalyst that demands pure food. We at IIG are committed to being a part of the organic drive for a better world, and that is the impetus behind our endeavor to produce fresh and organic vegetables and fruits.

As a small step into the organic farming, our establishment at Kantamalia, Dhenkanal, Odisha, started to produce freshly grown tropical fruits like Dragon fruit or Pitaya and vegetables like Parwal, also known as Pointed Gourd. Dragon fruit is not so common in India, but its nature is purely suited for the Indian climate. The succulent Dragon fruit is getting popular now for its nutritional values, and it is somewhat an all-seasonal fruit. Parwal needs no introduction as it is a common vegetable in Eastern Indian and Odia cuisine. Our 140-acre plantation, blessed with apt soil and pleasant weather, is perfect for organic cultivation. We are in the process to creating an organic heaven that provides wholesome fruits and vegetables that are grown with utmost care and are free from any pesticides or harmful chemicals.